Cantilever Shelves - Black, White or Chrome

Metro Super Erecta Cantilever Shelves add convenient space above a shelving unit. Drop mat design creates a retaining ledge around the entire 12" (305mm) deep shelf. Order Metro Shelves and SiteSelect Posts separately.  Compatible with Metro Super Erecta and Super Adjustable units. Remember to order rear posts taller than the front posts to accommodate these shelves.  

Available in 12" (305mm) depths and 24", 30", 36", 42" 48" and 60" (610, 750, 914, 1066, 1219, 1524mm) lengths. Choose black, white or chrome. Each shelf includes one bag of split sleeves.

For product specification sheet 10.05, click here.

Catalog nos. 1224CSNC, 1224CSNBL, 1224CSNW, 1230CSNC, 1230CSNBL, 1230CSNW, 1236CSNC, 1236CSNBL, 1236CSNW, 1242CSNC, 1242CSNBL, 1242CSNW, 1248CSNC, 1248CSNBL, 1248CSNW, 1260CSNC, 1260CSNBL, 1260CSNW

Cantilever Shelves - Black, White or Chrome
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  • Item #: 12-CSN Series
  • Manufacturer: Metro
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Price $53.07