Egg Crate-Style Dividers

Metro offers Short and Long Dividers in lieu of or to supplement Egg Crate-Style Divider Kits.  One order equals (5) pieces. 

Please select from the following:

  • FL143, Short Divider for FL141, 10"L  (256mm), fits 3" (76mm) deep drawer.
  • FL144, Long Divider for FL141, 17-1/8"L (436mm), fits 3" (76mm) deep drawer.
  • FL145, Short Divider for FL142, 10"L (256mm), fits 6/9" (152/229mm) deep drawer.
  • FL146, Long Divider for FL142, 17-18"L (436mm), fits 6/9" (152/229mm) deep drawer.
Individual Egg Crate-Style Dividers
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  • Item #: FL/LLD Series
  • Manufacturer: Metro
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Price $36.38

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