Exchange Carts ECN-A Series

Metro's Super Erecta Exchange Carts have Super Adjustable shelves with a patented release lever to allow for easy reconfiguration of shelves as supply dimensions change.  Carts within each series (as noted) feature dividers, enclosure panels, Super Erecta Slides and Tote Boxes in various combinations, all of which can be removed and reconfigured to adapt to changes in supply, volume and packaging.

This Par Level/Stock Cart is ideal for moveable storage of supplies in nursing units and other functional departments.  Par Level carts utilize stem casters to provide a smaller footprint for more efficient space utilization in storage areas.  This standard unit is available in four sizes, each with (4) chrome-plated Super Adjustable wire shelves, (1) solid galvanized steel bottom shelf, (4) chrome-plated posts, (4) 5" (127mm) high-modulus donut stem casters (2 w/brake) and (6) label holders.

For specification sheet 30.05, please click here.

*These units are also available in all stainless steel, please contact our Product Specialists for a quotation.

Select from the following models:

  • ECN45CA:  21"w x 48"l x 68"h (530x1219x1724mm)
  • ECN46CA:  21"w x 60"l x 68"h (530x1524x1724mm)
  • ECN55CA:  24"w x 48"l x 68"h (610x1219x1724mm)
  • ECN56CA:  24"w x 60"l x 68"h (610x1524x1724mm)

Cart Covers are available in Coated Antimicrobial Fabric and Un-Coated Fabric.  Covers are optional and must be ordered separately.

For ECN45CA cart:  Order Cover size:  21x48x62.

For ECN46CA cart:  Order Cover size:  21x60x62.

For ECN55CA cart:  Order Cover size:  24x48x62.

For ECN56CA cart:  Order Cover size:  24x60x62.

Push Handles and Enclosure Panels are available and must be ordered separately.

ECN-A Series Exchange Carts
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  • Item #: ECN-A
  • Manufacturer: Metro
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