Extra Slides for Kitting Carts

Metro Extra Slides and Stops for Kitting Carts.  Order as follows:

#S3C:  Combination Single Slide, 1-3/16" x 24" (17x610mm)*

*Order (2) single slides to hold (1) tote box and/or tray for a single-bay unit.

#S4C:  Combination Double Slide, 1-3/16" x 24" (17x610mm)**

**Order (1) double slide and (2) single slides to hold (2) tote boxes and/or trays for double-bay unit or (2) double slides and (2) singles slides for a triple- bay unit.

#9950Z:  Extra Stops for the S3C Slide, bag of (6)

For specification sheet 51.07, please click here.

Catalog Nos:  S3C, S4C, 9950Z

Extra Slides Details and Clearances
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  • Item #: Extra Slides
  • Manufacturer: Metro
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Price $19.72

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