Gowning Bench

Metro's heavy-duty solid top bench provides a sturdy and comfortable gowning fixture.  The top is manufactured in 14 gauge, Type 304 electro-polished stainless steel. Adjustable stainless steel footplates provide floor mount* or free-standing option.    All benches are 18" high (457mm).  Accessory items, Shoe Hook and Bench Shelf, are not included and must be ordered separately.

*Floor mounting is necessary for 9" and 12" wide benches.

For product specification sheet LO9-027, click here.

ESD Classification:  Non-Conductive Units can be made conductive with the addition of H.D. aluminum split sleeves (9986HZ).

Please select from the following:

  • GB936S*, 9"w x 36"l (229x914mm)
  • GB948S*, 9"w x 48"l (229x1219mm)
  • GB960S*, 9"w x 60"l (229x1524mm)
  • GB972S*, 9"w x 72"l (229x1825mm)
  • GB1224S*, 12"w x 24"l (305x610mm)
  • GB1236S*, 12"w x 36"l (305x914mm)
  • GB1248S*, 12"w x 48"l (305x1219mm)
  • GB1260S*, 12"w x 60"l (305x1524mm)
  • GB1272S*, 12"w x 72"l (305x1829mm)
  • GB1636S, 16"w x 36"l (405x914mm)
  • GB1648S, 16"w x 48"l (405x1219mm)
  • GB1660S, 16"w x 60"l (405x1524mm)
  • GB1672S, 16"w x 72"l (405x1825mm)
Stainless Steel Gowning Bench
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  • Item #: GB-S Series
  • Manufacturer: Metro
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Price $1,043.28

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