HD Super Duty Dunnage Shelves, Metroseal 3

Metro HD Super Duty Dunnage Shelves are designed to be used with Metro HD Super Posts and Shelves.  Available in 18" (457mm) and 24" (610mm) depths and 48" (1219mm) and 60" (1524mm) lengths, Metroseal 3 finish. 

Order HD Super Duty Dunnage Shelves and HD Super Posts separately.

The static load capacity (uniformly distributed) for a 48" (1219mm) shelf is 3,000 lbs. (1361kg) and a 60" (1524mm) is 2,400 lbs. (1089kg).  This shelf has a removable wire deck. NSF Approved.

For product specification sheet 10.67, click here.

The Metro® MetroSeal 3 Finish is a multi-layer corrosion resistant finish consisting of a proprietary cross linked thermoset epoxy enhanced with Microban antimicrobial protection over a zinc chromate coating. Metroseal 3 with Microban provides protection from bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungi build-up that may cause odor, stains, and product degradation, while displaying excellent abrasion, gouge, and chemical resistance properties. Metroseal 3 is intended for use in damp locations and has a 12-year limited warranty against rust formation.

Important: In stationary shelving, stability decreases as the ratio of height to width increases and when heavier loads are placed on upper shelves.  Keep units as wide and low as possible, using the dunnage shelf as the bottom shelf.  If two dunnage shelves are being used, both should be placed within the lower half of the unit.

Not compatible with Metro Super Erecta or Super Adjustable 2.

Catalog nos. 1848HDRK3, 1860HDRK3, 2448HDRK3, 2460HDRK3

Metro Super Dunnage Shelf, Metroseal 3
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  • Item #: HDRK3 Series
  • Manufacturer: Metro
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