Heavy-Duty Convertible Linen Truck, Chrome

The Metro Heavy-Duty Convertible Linen Truck offers versatile construction by positioning the two folding shelves on the truck - either horizontally or vertically - three different mobile truck confirgurations become possible:

#1.  Folding shelves can be positioned horizontally for easy transport and accessibility for fresh linen (35-40 bed capacity).

#2.  Folding shelves can be positioned vertically to become an enclosure panel, creating a spacious rolling bin for the collection and the transportation of soiled linen.

#3.  While folding shelves are in a vertical position, the lower folding shelf can be flipped out and up, enabling contents to be unloaded with a minimum amount of handling.

Open wire feature minimizes dust accumulation and allows a free circulation of air, greater visibility of stored items and greater light penetration. Pitched aluminum dust cover shields lower truck contents against dust or dirt.  Brake lock/swivel lock combination casters enable a single pair of casters to serve as swivel, rigid or brake casters to meet varying operational needs.  Carts are washable and are available in one size only:  24" x 60" x 70"h (610x1524x1775mm).

For specification sheet 31.12, please click here.

Cart Covers are available optionally, see "Related Items" on this page below or Catalog nos. C-VC Series or UC-VUC Series. Cart cover size is 24" x 60" x 62".

24" Push Handles are available and must be ordered separately.  See "Related Items" on this page below or Catalog nos: EH-NC, EH-NS or PH-NC.  *Please note that Cart Covers cannot be used on units with handles.

NOTE 1:  The Heavy-Duty Chrome model is available in one size and chrome finish only.  All parts are chrome plated sitting on top of all aluminum dolly with wraparound bumper and standard plate casters.

NOTE 2:  This model also contains heavier gauge corner posts and two additional intermediate frames. 6" diameter plate casters are standard for this unit and consists of two swivel casters and one pair brake/lock casters.  8" diameter plate casters are available as a special order, please contact us for more information.

Catalog nos:  CLTH2460C


Heavy-Duty Linen Truck - Chrome
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  • Item #: CLTH2460C
  • Manufacturer: Metro
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Price $2,769.64

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