High-Performance Liquid Chromatography Carts - 5 Shelves

MetroMax i High-Performance Liquid Chromatography  (HPLC) Carts contribute to greater benchtop productivity.  Mobilize and stack HPLC equipment on carts to maximize valuable lab space.  Avoid crowding valuable bench top space with HPLC or other analytical equipment.  The carts are available in 4 and 5 shelf models and two sizes.

This 5 shelf model is standard with casters.  Optional MetroMax iQ Accessories and Tote Boxes must be ordered separately. Two sizes are available as follows:

Model HPLC1X3:  5-Shelf Unit Single Experiment Cart, 24"w x 30"l x 81"h (610x760x2288mm)

Model HPLC2X3: 5-Shelf Unit Double Experiment Cart, 24"w x 48"l x 81"h (610x1219x2288mm)

Lifetime warranty against rust or corrosion.

For specification sheet 52.01, please click here.

*Image shown with accessory items (i.e. keyboard shelf, flat monitor mounting kit, power strip and tote box).  Accessory itemsmust be ordered separately.

Note 1:  Single HPLC experiment carts feature a 24"x30" (610x760mm), five-shelf unit (4 solid, 1 open-grid shelf), mounted on 74" (1880mm) mobile posts.  Double HPLC experiment carts feature a 24"x48" (610x1219mm), five-shelf unit (4 solid, 1 open-grid shelf) mounted on 74" (1880mm) mobile posts.

Note 2:  Metro Tote Boxes can be used to complete the system, either on the bottom shelf to contain test beakers or flasks, or in conjunction with an Undershelf Slide accessory #BSD2224XB (must be ordered separately) to provide a drawer for small tool storage. See related items at the bottom of this page.

Catalog nos:  HPLC1X3, HPLC2X3

5 Shelf MetroMax i High-Performance Liquid Chromatography Cart
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  • Item #: HPLC-5 Series
  • Manufacturer: Metro
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