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Metro’s 2Go Order Stations feature dedicated compartments for prepaid order pick-up or behind the counter take-out and delivery order staging.  The pass-thru design increases operational efficiency by minimizing unnecessary employee motion.  Locate between kitchen and front counter staff for efficient order staging or on front counter for staff to load and allow customers to access directly.  

Available in (8) Compartment or (4) Compartment configurations, each with front side sliding full window polycarbonate doors for added security and increased holding times.  (PU8CD-HS1842 has vented doors for pizza applications).  All models are standard with an open loading side, optional hinged doors are available for increased holding times, click here.

Metro2Go Hot Stations are constructed with Super Erecta Hot shelving.  High quality, Type 304 stainless steel construction with aluminum inner core for consistent, reliable radiant heat across each shelf.  Adjustable thermostat, 200°F (93°C) maximum surface temperature.

For product specification sheet 15.02, click here.

For product information sheet, LO8-029, click here.

Please select from the following models:

  • PU4CD-HS1842, (4) compartments, 19"w x 18"d x 14.7"h (482x457x373mm).
  • PU8CD-HS1842, (8) compartments: 19"w x 18"d x 6.7"h (482x457x179mm) w/vented doors.

Overall Dimensions for both models:  42.7"w x 20.9"d x 36.9"h (1085x531x938mm)

Metro 2 Go Hot Stations
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  • Item #: PUHS Series
  • Manufacturer: Metro
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Price $4,027.59

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