IV Pole with Cart Mount

Metro Flexline/Lifeline IV Pole with cart mount is available in 2HK and 4HK versions.  Select from the following:

  • #FL315:  2HK, 1/2"x9-1/8"x37" (max)* - 25-1/4" (min)*  (38x232x940-640mm)
  • #FL317:  4HK, 5"x7-1/8"x37" (max)* - 25-1/4" (min)* (127x183x940-640mm)

Please note that all other accessory items shown in the photo image are available options that must be ordered separately.

*Max, Min in relation to cart top.

IV Pole with Cart Mount
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  • Item #: FL315 Series
  • Manufacturer: Metro
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Price $238.00