MetroMax Q Stem Caster Cart w/Open Grid Shelves

MetroMax Q Stem Caster Cart with Open Grid Shelves adjust quickly and have removable polymer shelf mats. Standard Units consist of four open grid shelves, (4) 63" (1600mm) epoxy coated steel posts, wedge connectors and resilient rubber or polyurethane casters (2 swivel, 2 brake).  This unit has a 15 year warranty against corrosion or rust. NSF Approved.

For product specification sheet 9.21, click here.

Approximate cart height - 69" (1753mm). Weight capacity of cart:  900 lbs. (408kg) evenly distributed.

Accessories are available and must be ordered separately.  See MetroMax Q and IQ/Platform Accessories.

Catalog nos. Q336BG3, Q356BG3, Q366BG3, Q436BG3, Q456BG3, Q466BG3, Q536BG3, Q556BG3, Q566BG3, Q336EG3, Q356EG3, Q366EG3, Q436EG3, Q456EG3, Q466EG3, Q536EG3, Q556EG3, Q566EG3


(4) Open Grid Shelf Mats.
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  • Item #: QG3 Series
  • Manufacturer: Metro
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Price $702.44

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