MetroMax i Top-Track System

Metro's Top-Track High-Density Storage System can increase the storage capacity of a given area by 30 to 50%.  The system allows more storage units to fit in a defined space.  A movable, open aisle allows full access to each shelving unit, thus eliminating hard to reach or "dead" spaces.  The overhead track system guides the mobile units and opens an access aisle between any two units, whenever it is needed. The track is above the storage units enabling easy access for employees and/or utility carts, simplifying the material handling task.  The Top-Track System is compatible with Super Erecta, Super Adjustable Super Erecta, Super Erecta Pro, MetroMax i and MetroMax Q shelving systems.

This efficient utilization of space addresses the storage needs of new or growing operations.  In a new facitlity, less square footage would  have to be dedicated to storage.  In a growing operation, the Top-Track System can eliminate the need to expand the facility to handle increasing storage requirements, greatly reducing the costs associated with a growing business's needs.

An infinite number of configurations are possible with the Top-Track System.  Super Erecta variants offer a variety of shelf types, finishes and accessories.  The MetroMax i and MetroMax Q System variants with Microban antimicrobial product protection, offers the ability to mix and match shelves and posts based on the application.  MetroMax i and Q shelf options feature removable polymer open grid shelf mats for longer-life durability and easy cleaning.  Corrosion proof MetroMax i offers a solid shelf option and better chemical resistance.  Corrosion resistant MetroMax Q steel posts can improve the overall rigidity of the Top-Track system in higher weight bearing applications.  MetroMax iQ/Platform accessories may be used interchangeably between the i and Q systems.  Please note that our Product Specialists are available to assist you in creating an optimal configuration to meet your specific requirements.

The Top-Track System with no floor tracks, allows utility carts to easily roll into and out of the active aisle.  Shelving units assemble in minutes.  Tracks attach to support rails on each stationary end unit and above the mobile units.  Weight capacities on mobile units are limited to 900 lbs. (410kg) for MetroMax i & Q and stationary units hold up to 2,000 lbs. (907kg).  The system compensates for uneven floor surfaces.  Floors should be smooth and free from large caracks or raised obstacles.

This Top-Track MetroMax i polymer configuration has been designed for a 10’-0” x 12’-0” (3048x3658mm) room or space. The configuration includes (2) 24” x 60” (610x1524mm) stationary units, each with (5) shelves, (3) 18” x 60” (457x1524mm) mobile units, each with plated casters and (5) shelves and the required end kits, track set and hardware. The overall dimensions of this configuration is 60”w x 144”l x 86”h (1524x3658x2184mm), including the active aisle [34.50"w (876mm)].  MetroMax iQ/Platform accessory items shown in the photo (tote boxes & slides, ledges etc.) are optional and must be ordered separately.  Additional MetroMax i shelves are also available and must be ordered separately.  NSF Listed

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  • Please refer to the "Overhead View and Front View" diagrams below for detailed layout information of this configuration.
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Top-Track MetroMax i
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