MetroMax iQ Center Beams

MetroMax i Center Beams are used for additional support of the MetroMax i Stainless Steel Drop-in Rack. They are available in three lengths: 24",30",36",48",54",60" and 72" (609,762,914,1066,1219,1371,1524,1829mm) corresponding to the Drop-in Rack lengths (see Catalog No. DR Series).

For product specification sheet 9.25, click here.

Please select from the following:

  • RPMX24-CBEAM, 24"l
  • RPMX30-CBEAM, 30"l
  • RPMX36-CBEAM, 36"l
  • RPMX42-CBEAM, 42"l
  • RPMX48-CBEAM, 48"l
  • RPMX54-CBEAM, 54"l
  • RPMX60-CBEAM, 60"l
  • RPMX72-CBEAM, 72"l
MetroMax i Center Beam
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  • Item #: RPMX Series
  • Manufacturer: Metro
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Price $24.46

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