MetroMax iQ/Platform Enclosure Panels

MetroMax iQ/Platform Enclosure Panels are an efficient way of enclosing the sides and back of all shelves in a unit to contain stored contents.  Designed to work with MetroMax i, MetroMax 4 and MetroMax Q shelves.  Mounting clips included. Slot opening:  3"w x 3 7/8"h. Available to fit 18", 21" and 24" (457, 530, 610mm) depth units and 54", 63" and 74" (1370, 1600, 1880mm) height units. Taupe color epoxy finish.

Panel        Width/Height                                    Fits Post Height (nominal)

MEP35E    12-3/8" x 51-1/4" (315x1300mm)        54" (1370mm)

MEP36E    12-3/8" x 59-1/4" (315x1505mm)        63" (1600mm)

MEP37E    12-3/8" x 71-1/4" (315x1810mm)        74" (1880mm)

MEP55E    18-3/8" x 51-1/4" (467x1300mm)        54" (1370mm)

MEP56E    18-3/8" x 59-1/4" (467x1505mm)        63" (1600mm)

MEP57E    18-3/8" x 71-1/4" (467x1810mm)        74" (1880mm)


Panels Required to Enclose Both Ends of Shelving Unit or Cart

Use shelf-to-shelf dividers (order separately) with enclosure panels to create full height compartments to organize bulky, hard-to-handle supplies.

For product specification sheet 9.25, click here.

*Handles and enclosure panels can be used on the same end of the cart.  Please note the following details:  21" (530mm) wide units:  use the 12 3/8" (315mm) wide panel on the same end as the handle.

Catalog nos.  MEP35E, MEP36E, MEP37E, MEP55E, MEP56E, MEP57E

MetroMax iQ Enclosure Panels
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  • Item #: MEPE Series
  • Manufacturer: Metro
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