Metrostat SmartTray

Metro SmartTray System is designed to maximize productivity by accelerating throughput, minimizing PCB handling damage and providing superior ESD protection.  The 18" x 26" (457x660mm) footprint handles multiple-sized boards.  Tray color:  Black.

  • The ESD-safe SmartTray facilitates efficient tracking of work-in-process and finished goods with the use of bar code technology.
  • Supports lean manufacturing by offering color-coding accessories that clearly identify trays and carts.
  • Molded from Metrostat, a fiberglass material offering premium ESD protection.
  • SmartTray fits all Metro tray cart systems as well as competitive bottom-loaded models and most tray based cart systems in today's marketplace.

Maximum Load Rating:  150 lbs (68kg), Outside Dimensions:  25-3/4"x17-3/4"x1-1/8"h (654x451x28.6mm), Inside Dimensions:  23-15/16" x 15-15/16" (608x405mm).

Note 1:  Tray load rating shown above is based on evenly distributed load in conveyor applications.

Note 2:  SmartTrays stack efficiently by themselves, as well as with competitive tray designs of the same dimension.

Note 3:  SmartTrays are compatible with all bottom-loaded tray based cart systems, both Metro and non-Metro.

Note 4:  SmartTrays can be personalized with a company logo.  Minimum quantities with extended lead times apply.  Please call us for more information.

CBNTC-MTRAY Electrical Properties

  • RTT Resistance, Test Method:  ESD S4.1-1997, Value:  1.8x10^5-1.4x10^7 Ohms
  • RTG Resistance, Test Method:  ESD S4.1-1997, Value:  1.4x10^6-2.8x10^6 Ohms
  • Surface Resistivity, Test Method:  ANSI/EOS/ESD-S11.1101993, Value:  1.0x10^6-9.9x10^9 Ohms/Sq.

For specification sheet 51.35, click here.

Catalog no:  CBNTC-MTRAY

Metrostat SmartTray
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  • Item #: CBNTC-MTRAY
  • Manufacturer: Metro
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