Perf Top Clean Tables with Overhead

Metro Perf Top Clean Tables with overhead are Type 304 stainless steel with HD Super posts and proven Super Erecta construction throughout.  Units are shipped knocked down and can be assembled in minutes.  All Perf Top Tables feature height adjustable legs 33" to 40" (838-1016mm) in 1" (25mm) increments.  These tables have 74" (1880mm) high rear posts to accommodate optional Cantilever Shelves, Grid Panels and Accessory items as shown in photo.  See "Perf Top Accessories" category.

Perf Tops are manufactured from 14 gauge, Type 304 electro-polished stainless steel with .75" (19mm) holes on 1" (25mm) centers.  Support members have a satin finish.  Table provides approximately 35% open area.

For specification sheet 58.01, please click here.

This Perf Top Table (with overhead rear posts) is available in four sizes as follows:

  • Model #CTP3036S-H, 30"w x 36"l (762x914mm)
  • Model #CTP3048S-H, 30"w x 48"l (762x1219mm)
  • Model #CTP3060S-H, 30"w x 60"l (762x1524mm)
  • Model #CTP3072S-H, 30"w x 72"l (762x1825mm)

ESD Classification:  Non-Conductive (Units can be made conductive with the addition of (3) bags of H.D. aluminum split sleeves (Catalog no. 9986HZ) and a cleanroom grounding cable (Catalog no. GCB16S).  These items must be ordered separately. 

Note: Perf Clean Tables are appropriate for use in FED. Std. 209E Class 1 (ISO14644: ISO3) environments.

Catalog nos:  CTP3036S-H, CTP3048S-H,CTP3060S-H, CTP3072S-H

Per Top Clean Tables with Overhead
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  • Item #: CTPSH Series
  • Manufacturer: Metro
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Price $2,135.20

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