Polymer and Stainless Total-Guard Casters

Metro’s Total-Guard Polymer Casters are the perfect compliment to MetroMax, Metroseal and Stainless Steel shelving applications.  These casters will deliver long-lasting corrosion protection and moisture resistance often encountered in laboratory environments.

These casters are constructed of similar materials to that of MetroMax i shelves - a reinforced nylon rig, TPE moisture-resistant tread with stainless steel stem and hardware.  Available in swivel and total lock variants.  When the brake is engaged, the stem will also stop pivoting.

Suggested applications:  Best suited for use with Super Erecta Metroseal, TableWorx and MetroMax shelving.

  • Best tread or high humidity controlled environments.
  • Excellent Corrosion Resistance.
  • Excellent Chemical Resistance.
  • Best option for aquatic facilities (environments with high salt exposure).
  • Low magnetism:  Best option for MRI and RFID applications.
  • A good option for cart wash chamber cleaning processes.

Please select from the following:

  • 5PSTE, compatible with Super Erecta products only, swivel caster.
  • 5PSTEB, compatible with Super Erecta and TableWorx products only, swivel/brake caster.
  • 5PSTEX, compatible with MetroMax products only, swivel caster.
  • 5PSTEBX, compatible with MetroMax products only, swivel/brake caster.

For product specification sheet 52.20, click here.

Metro Total-Guard Casters
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  • Item #: 5PSTE Series
  • Manufacturer: Metro
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Price $95.41

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