Reel Shelving (Super Erecta)

Metro's Super Erecta-based SMT Component Reel Shelving offers an efficient method of storage and transport for standard size component reels.  These Super Erecta Brite plated shelves can be mixed and matched with standard Super Erecta shelving, posts, and casters to create a reel handling and storage system to address the exacting needs of PCB manufacturers.

Select from the following for Reel shelves only.  Posts and casters must be ordered separately.

Model #R1836BR-7, 18"w x 36"l x 3.75"h (457x914x95mm), for 7" (178mm) reel size, reel capacity:  78, compartment opening/inside dimension:  .625" (27mm).

Model #R1836BR-13, 18"w x 36"l x 4.25"h (457x914x108mm), for 13-15" (330-381mm) reel size, reel capacity:  15, compartment opening/inside dimension:  2" (50mm).

For specification sheet 51.09, click here.

Note 1:  Capacity given is per shelf.

Note 2:  Capacity shown assumes standard reels (per EIS standards) are used.  As the widths of these reels vary, capacity may increase if multiple reels can be fit into single compartments. Refer to compartment opening/inside dimension to determine actual capacity.

ESD Classification:  Conductive with the use of conductive plastic split sleeves (model #9985-ESD, see Electronics Carts/Covers) and  conductive casters  for mobile applications (model #5MESD, see Electronics Casters).  These items must be ordered separately.

Catalog no. R1836BR-7, R1836BR-13

Reel Shelving
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  • Item #: R1836BR Series
  • Manufacturer: Metro
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