Regular Erecta Shelf Uprights, Chrome

Metro Regular Erecta Uprights are available in 12" (305mm) and 18" (457mm) depths and 53½", 63½", 73½" and 88½" (1359, 1613, 1867, 2248mm) heights.  Uprights and Wire Shelves are ordered separately.

Metro Regular Erecta Shelf Shelving is an easy-to-assemble system that puts space to work practically anywhere. Units go together without tools--shelf grooves simply lock into uprights at 5" (127mm) increments.  Offered in Chrome finish only. Additional accessories create a truly versatile system.

For product specification sheet 10.50, click here.

Catalog nos. 1252C, 1262C, 1272C, 1287C, 1852C, 1862C, 1872C, 1887C

Metro Erecta Shelf Shelving
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  • Item #: Erecta Uprights
  • Manufacturer: Metro
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Price $55.68

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