Scope Cabinet - Double Wide w/Clear Door

The Starsys Scope Storage Cabinet is a high-density storage solution, which provides quick access and retrieval, visual inventory and easy identification.  The Metro Carousel rack easily rotates bringing each scope bracket front and center for tangle-free retrieval or return.  Each rack holds up to 11 scopes.  Single-wide cabinets (capacity:  11) contain one rack and double-wide (capacity:  22) contain two racks.  This equates to an average of 3 scopes per square foot and more impressively, more scopes per linear foot (6) than any cabinet on the market.

The carousel rack has a stainless steel post with adjustment grooves every inch.  This allows height adjustment for the scope brackets, cord managers, hoop and bumper to accommodate various scope lengths.  The scope bracket and cord managers can be removed without tools.  As technology progresses and scope dimensions change, new brackets may be installed in existing cabinets, saving the expense of a new cabinet.

The cabinet is constructed with polymer side panels which will not rust, dent or chip.  The polymer solid door will not deflect upon impact, preventing potential scope damage. The 2-piece plastic  bottom drip pan contains remaining fluids and is easily removed for cleaning and drying.  Door vents are strategically located at top of door to allow air flow. 

Lead time for this product is 20 working days

This standard Double-Wide Scope Cabinet includes the following:

Double-Wide Stationary Shell

(2) Metro Carousel Racks with (22) GI and/or Pulmonary Scope Brackets, Cord Managers, Hoop and Bumper

(1) Pair, Center Opening, 135 degree swing, Clear Upper Panel/Solid Lower Panel Locking Doors (keylock/2-keys)

Shown with Dark Taupe Door Pulls.  Please select color below.

(2) 2-Piece Plastic Drip Pans

Outer & Inner Panels:  Molded HDPE (Hi-Density Polyethylene)

Overall Dimensions:  89"h x 24-1/2"d x 43-1/4"w (2261x622x1098mm)

Inside Height Dimension:  77-3/4" (1975mm) clear

Optional Recommended Accessory:  Back Filler Kit (P/N:  SX88BKFLR)

Additional Scope Brackets, Label Holders and Filler Kits are optional and must be ordered separately.  See Scope Cabinet Accessories.

For product specification sheet 45.60, click here.

*Starsys Carts are built to exact customer specifications, therefore, they are non-cancelable, non-returnable.

Scope Storage Cabinet, Double Wide
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  • Item #: SXRD88WSC1
  • Manufacturer: Metro
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