Security Bulk Wine Unit, Chrome

Metro Security Bulk Wine Unit stores large quantities in a limited space, average capacity is one case per linear foot of shelf. Wire inserts help keep the corks moist by storing the bottles at a 10º slant.  Open wire design allows air flow for proper temperature maintenance.  Units are enclosed to secure product; included security door set enables "Locked Storage" for valuable wines. 15" space between each shelf. Available in 14" x 48" x 74¾" h (355 x 1219 x 1899mm) only, chrome finish, includes footplates.  Padlock not included.

For specification sheet 10.47, click here.

Capacity: 14" x 48" x 74¾": 16 cases.

Catalog nos. WB257CS

Metro Security Bulk Wine Units, Chrome
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  • Item #: WB257CS
  • Manufacturer: Metro
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Price $2,307.92

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