SmartLever Storage PRO Kit - 76" high

Metro's SmartLever™ Multifunctional Storage and Workstations with an open design, offers the ability to quickly access the items you need.  Work surfaces and shelves are easily adjusted to suit the employee and the task at hand.  Whether you are functioning in a quick-serve setting or the back-of-the-house, SmartLever™ never stands in your way of providing faster and more accurate service to your customers.  SmartLever™ is available in easy order workstation and storage kits or by individual components.  The kits include everything you need to assemble a complete freestanding unit.  SmartLever™ is compatible with standard Super Erecta wire, solid, louver and Super Erecta Pro shelving.

This SmartLever™ Storage Kit is 76" (1930mm) high with (4) Super Erecta Pro shelves with an optional dunnage shelf below.  The upper shelves are adjustable on 2" (51mm) increments.  This kit is available in two widths:  18" or 21"w (457 or 533mm) and seven model lengths:  36", 42" 48", 54" and 60" (914, 1067, 1219 and 1524mm).    Structural frame is finished in a dark gray epoxy and carries a 10 year limited warranty against surface rust formation.  Please select from the following models:

  • SM761836-PRO-4, overall dimensions:  22"w x 40"l x 76"h.
  • SM761842-PRO-4, overall dimensions:  22"w x 46"l x 76"h.
  • SM761848-PRO-4, overall dimensions:  22"w x 52"l x 76"h.
  • SM761860-PRO-4, overall dimensions:  22"w x 64"l x 76"h.
  • SM762136-PRO-4, overall dimensions:  25"w x 40"l x 76"h.
  • SM762142-PRO-4, overall dimensions:  25"w x 46"l x 76"h.
  • SM762148-PRO-4, overall dimensions:  25"w x 52"l x 76"h.
  • SM762160-PRO-4, overall dimensions:  25"w x 64"l x 76"h.

Please note:  Bottom Dunnage Shelf assembly shown in image is optional and must be ordered separately.


  • Work surface or shelf:  600 lbs. (272kg)
  • Heavy Duty Dunnage shelf must not exceed 1,000 lbs. (45kg)
  • Total weight capacity per unit (including bottom dunnage shelf):  2800 lbs. (1271kg).

For SmartLever product specification sheet 17.30, click here.

For Super Erecta Pro shelf specification sheet 10.80, click here.

For assembly instructions sheet L01-609, click here.

SmartLever Storage PRO Kit
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  • Item #: SM76-PRO-4 Series
  • Manufacturer: Metro
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Price $1,812.80

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