SmartWall Grids - Metroseal

Metro SmartWall Grids are designed to work with the SmartWall System. These Grids can be installed onto SmartWall  Uprights without tools, can hang from a SmartWall  Track (see item no. SWGB1) or can be installed directly onto the wall (see item no. SWGB2), please refer to the illustrations for more information.  The weight capacity for SmartWall  Grids are 250 lbs. (112.5kg). Grids are manufactured of ¼" (6mm) diameter cold rolled steel, the grid openings are 2¾" x 2¾" (70 x 70mm). NSF listed.

The system offers a variety of hooks, baskets, shelves, etc. to customize your storage needs, see SmartWall G3 Accessories.

SmartWall Grids are compatible with SmartLever and require SMR brackets for attachment.  SMR brackets must be ordered separately.

For product information sheet LO9-023, click here.

For specification sheet 10.05, click here.

Available in Green Metroseal 3 and Gray Metroseal 4 in the following sizes: 18"x30", 18"x36", 18"x42", 18"x48", 18"x54", 18"x60" and 18"x72" (457x760,914,1067,1219,1372,1524,1829mm), 24"x30", 24"x36" and 24"x48" (610x760,914,1219mm) and 30"x36" and 30"x48" (760x914,1219mm).

The following grid sizes are compatible with the SmartLever product line only.  SmartLever Grid Brackets (#SMR) must be ordered separately.  Please select from the following:

  • WG1830K3, 18" x 30", Green Metroseal
  • WG1830K4, 18" x 30", Gray Metroseal
  • WG1836K3, 18" x 36", Green Metroseal
  • WG1836K4, 18" x 36", Gray Metroseal
  • WG1842K3, 18" x 42", Green Metroseal
  • WG1848K3, 18" x 48", Green Metroseal
  • WG1848K4, 18" x 48", Gray Metroseal  (compatible with PPE Shield Barrier Racks) attach w/9970EPZ
  • WG1854K3, 18" X 54", Green Metroseal
  • WG1860K3, 18" x 60", Green Metroseal
  • WG1860K4, 18" x 60", Gray Metroseal
  • WG1872K3, 18" x 72", Green Metroseal
  • WG2430K3, 24" x 30", Green Metroseal
  • WG2430K4, 24" x 30", Gray Metroseal
  • WG2436K3, 24" x 36", Green Metroseal
  • WG2436K4, 24" x 36", Gray Metroseal
  • WG2448K3, 24" x 48", Green Metroseal
  • WG2448K4, 24" x 48", Gray Metroseal
  • WG3036K3, 30" x 36" Green Metroseal
  • WG3036K4, 30" x 36" Gray Metroseal
  • WG3048K3, 30" x 48", Green Metroseal
  • WG3048K4, 30" x 48", Gray Metroseal

Metro's MetroSeal Finish is a multi-layer corrosion resistant finish consisting of a proprietery cross linked thermoset epoxy enhanced with Microban antimicrobial protection over a zinc chromate coating. Metroseal 3 and 4 with Microban provides protection from bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungi build-up that may cause odor, stains, and product degradation, while displaying excellent abrasion, gouge, and chemical resistance properties. Metroseal  is intended for use in damp locations and has a 12-year limited warranty against rust formation.

Note: SmartWall G3 tracks, uprights and shelf supports are not compatible with earlier generations of original SmartWall or SmartWall Plus.


SmartWall G3 Grids, Metroseal 3 and Metroseal 4
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  • Item #: WG-K Series
  • Manufacturer: Metro
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