SmartWall Polymer Utensil Cylinder & Holder

The Metro SmartWall Polymer Utensil Cylinder is constructed of perforated polymer and attaches to SmartWall G3 grid with a mounting bracket.  This cylinder allows small utensils to air dry and are ideal above work tables to hold small utensils until they are needed.  Order the cylinder and the mounting bracket separately.  The cylinder is 4-5/16" (109mm) diameter x 5½" (140mm) high; the mounting bracket is 2-5/8" (67mm) deep x 5-7/8" (149mm) long x 5-3/4" (146mm) high. Cylinder and Brackets must be ordered separately. Mounting Brackets are available in Green or Gray Metroseal epoxy finish.

For product specification sheet 10.43, click here.

For product information sheet LO9-023, click here.

Please select from the following:

  • FC1, Utensil Cylinder only
  • FCHK3, Green Metroseal Mounting Bracket
  • FCHK4, Gray Metroseal Mounting Bracket


Metro Polymer Utensil Cylinder and Holder
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  • Item #: FC1-FCHK Series
  • Manufacturer: Metro
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Price $16.66

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