Staked Posts - Stainless Steel

Metro Staked Posts are for use with Truck Dollies.  Each post connects to a truck dolly through the stem receptacle. The stem receptacles are staked into the bottom of these posts to ensure a durable connection in abusive applications. Create a custom dolly unit by combining Metro Made-To-Order Dollies, Plate Casters, Staked Posts and Super Erecta Shelves.

Staked Posts are available in three nominal heights:  54" (1385mm), 62" (1590mm) and 74" (1895mm), Stainless Steel.

For product specification sheet 10.01, click here.

*Height includes leveling bold and cap.

Catalog nos. 54PS-STKD,63PS-STKD, 74PS-STKD

Metro Staked Post - Stainless Steel
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  • Item #: PS-STKD Series
  • Manufacturer: Metro
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Price $63.22