Stencil Storage/Drying Rack - Type A - Stainless Steel

The Metro Stencil Storage/Drying Rack Type A  safely stores PCB stencils with complete visibility and adjustability.  Shelves may be relocated on 1” increments for desired height clearances.  The vertical rods may also be relocated to accommodate required slot widths.  This stationary unit measures 24”d x 42”w x 74”h (610x1066x1895mm) in stainless steel with floor leveling bolts.  This unit is optionally available with Super Erecta 5" High Modulus Stem Casters and donut bumpers (2-swivel/2-swivel w/brake) for mobile usage.  Please note that casters will add an additional 6” to the overall height of this unit.

*72" (1830mm) rod lengths are shipped standard with each unit.  Rods may be cut in field to accommodate end user's shelf locations.

This standard 2-level unit, as configured in this image, has (5) slots per level, measuring 8”w x 29”h x 24”d (203x736x1880mm) for a total of (10) slots.  Shelf ledge label holders are available and must be ordered separately, see Accessories.

Additional sizes, casters and configurations are available.  Please contact our office directly for more information.

For specification sheet 10.01, click here.

Stencil Storage Rack - Type A - Stainless Steel
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  • Item #: SSRA2442S
  • Manufacturer: Metro
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Price $1,374.60

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