Sterile Wrap Rack

The Metro Sterile Wrap Rack provides a safe, convenient place to hold wraps.  Most sizes can be displayed prominently so that they are easy to locate.  One sheet, or several sheets at a time can be removed quickly and neatly.  The wire bottom shelf, standard on all units, can be used to hold extra wraps or less frequently used sizes.

The carrier assembly which supports the bars is adjustable in 1" (25mm) increments along the height of the posts so that it can be positioned at a comfortable level for users whether seated or standing.   The four bars can also be positioned in any of 18 slots along the carrier assembly.

All models come standard with four bars.  Additional bars are optional and must be ordered separately.  This rack is based on standard Super Erecta construction in chrome finish consisting of four posts, four casters, a solid stainless steel bottom shelf, three-sided top and intermediate frames. The two-piece carrier assembly with welded collars and four 1" (25mm) square support bars are fabricated in stainless steel.  The four (5MP) swivel casters are 5" (127mm) diameter with a polyurethane tread.

These racks are available in two sizes.  Please select from the following:

  • #SWR556EG, 24"wx48"lx68"h (610x1220x1730mm)
  • #SWR566EG, 24"wx60"lx68"h (610x1525x1730mm)

Optional Covers in coated and uncoated styles are available and must be ordered separately as follows:

For #SWR556EG#24X48X62UC for Uncoated or #24X48X62C for Coated.

For #SWR566EG#24X60X62UC for Uncoated or #24X60X62C for Coated.


Sterile Wrap Rack
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  • Item #: SWREG Series
  • Manufacturer: Metro
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Price $1,343.00

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