Super Erecta 5" Conductive Stem Caster

Metro Super Erecta Conductive Stem Casters ensure mobile units have proper grounding to ESD floor surfaces.  Use in conjunction with Metro SiteSelect Caster Posts, Aluminum Split Sleeves and a Grounding Cable to complete your ESD mobile unit.  Available in carbon-loaded and non-carbon-loaded treads.  Non-carbon loaded treads will not mark expensive ESD floors.

Carbon-loaded casters have a load rating of 175 lbs. (79kg) per caster and non-carbon loaded casters have a load rating of 200 lbs. (91kg) per caster.  Total weight capacity for a unit using the carbon-loaded casters is 525 lbs. (238kg) and for a unit using non-carbon loaded casters is 600 lbs. (272kg).  Wheel diameter is 5", choose Swivel or Swivel Brake Casters. One caster order equals (1) caster and (1) Donut Bumper.

For specification sheet 11.21, please click here.

Please select from the following:

  • 5MC, Carbon-Loaded swivel caster.
  • 5MBC, Carbon-Loaded swivel/brake caster.
  • 5MESD, Non-Carbon Loaded swivel caster.
  • 5MBESD, Non-Carbon Loaded swivel/brake caster.

ESD Classification: Conductive

Catalog nos. 5MC, 5MBC, 5MESD, 5MBESD

Metro Super Erecta Conductive Stem Casters
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  • Item #: 5MC/ESD Series
  • Manufacturer: Metro
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