Super Erecta Basket Shelving - Chrome

Metro Super Erecta Basket Shelving provides more options to a vast line of storage solutions.  Hopper-style baskets provide easy loading and access to supplies without product being lost behind.  Build to handle transport, you can maximize your efficiency by creating a mobile unit. This product is compatible with all Super Erecta products.  Available in a mulititude of sizes, chrome finish. One order equals (1) basket shelf. Accessory label holders and basket shelf dividers are available and must be ordered separately.  

Please select from the following sizes:

  • BSK1824NC, 18"d x 24"l x 9"h (457x610x229mm).
  • BSK1836NC, 18"d x 36"l x 9"h (457x914x229mm).
  • BSK1848NC, 18"d x 48"l x 9"h, (457x1219x229mm).
  • BSK1860NC, 18"d x 60"l x 9"h, (457x1524x229mm).
  • BSK2424NC, 24"d x 24"l x 9"h, (610x610x229mm).
  • BSK2436NC, 24"d x 36"l x 9"h, (610x914x229mm).
  • BSK2448NC, 24"d x 48"l x 9"h, (610x1219x229mm).
  • BSK2460NC, 24"d x 60"l x 9"h, (610x1524x229mm).

Super Erecta Basket Shelves
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  • Item #: SES-BSK Series
  • Manufacturer: Metro
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Price $114.24

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