Super Erecta Hot Shelving

Metro Super Erecta HOT Shelving is a super flexible and efficient way to keep food hot while preparing, service staging or holding hot food items.  This convenient solution allows you to add heat to any Super Erecta storage unit or workspace.  Each shelf is self-contained with an adjustable thermostat to control temperature up to 200°F (93°C).

The shelves are constructed of Type 304 stainless steel with black epoxy coated corners.  Each shelf includes (4) polymer split sleeves to mount to Super Erecta SiteSelect posts (posts sold separately) and (4) 3" (76mm) polymer feet for optional use on a countertop as a heated work surface. Each shelf is thermostatically controlled with a on/off power switch.  Low wattage foil elements adhered to an aluminum diffuser to evenly heat the stainless steel surface with hot air.

For product information sheet L08-028, click here.

For product specification sheet 15.01, click here.

Please select from the following:

  • HS1424, 14"x24" (356x610mm)
  • HS1430, 14"x30" (356x762mm)
  • HS1436, 14"x36" (356x914mm)
  • HS1442, 14"x42" (356x1067mm)
  • HS1448, 14"x48" (356x1219mm)
  • HS1460, 14"x60" (356x1524mm)
  • HS1824, 18"x24" (457x610mm)
  • HS1830, 18"x30" (457x762mm)
  • HS1836, 18"x36" (457x914mm)
  • HS1842, 18"x42" (457x1067mm)
  • HS1848, 18"x48" (457x1219mm)
  • HS1860, 18"x60" (457x1524mm)
  • HS2424, 24"x24" (610x610mm)
  • HS2430, 24"x30" (610x762mm)
  • HS2436, 24"x36" (610x914mm)
  • HS2442, 24"x42" (610x1067mm)
  • HS2448, 24"x48" (610x1219mm)
  • HS2460, 24"x60" (610x1524mm)
Super Erecta Hot Shelving
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  • Item #: HS Shelf Series
  • Manufacturer: Metro
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Price $498.96

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