Super Erecta Mobile Dunnage Racks (Heavy Duty), Stainless Steel

Metro Mobile Dunnage Racks (heavy duty) offer a space saving solution to keep bulky items off the floor.  Open wire provides air circulation and minimizes dust.  Removable top mat lifts off for easier cleaning.  Includes (4) Caster Posts, (4) Polyurethane Tread Casters, (1) 3-sided Frame and (1) Heavy Duty Dunnage Shelf. All platforms are approximately 20" (500mm) high including the 5" diameter casters.  These easy-to-maneuver racks feature two swivel and two swivel/brake casters. 

Available in 18" and 24" (457, 610mm) depths and 36" and 48" (914, 1219mm) lengths, stainless steel. All racks have a static load capacity of 800 lbs. (363kg). 

For specification sheet 10.46, click here.

Catalog nos. MHP33S, MHP35S, MHP53S, MHP55S

Dunnage Rack (Heavy Duty) Chrome
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  • Item #: MHP-S Series
  • Manufacturer: Metro
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Price $1,036.32

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