Super Erecta Slide System

Metro's Super Erecta Slide System is a super space-saving solution.  Using Super Erecta wire units 21" or 24" (530 or 610 mm) wide, tote boxes and this innovative slide system, you have the flexibility to create a custom configuration that can be positioned quickly on new or existing units without the use of tools.  Finish is nickel-chrome wire with clear protective coating.

For product specification sheet 10.04, click here.

Note:  Image shown with Tote Boxes.  Tote Boxes must be ordered separately.

This slide systems is available in three sizes as follows:

  • Model SS2NC, 10-1/4"h x 20-3/8"w x 21-5/8"l (256x510x537mm), fits shelf width:  24" (610mm), Adaptable Tote Boxes:  TB/MTB93030, TB/MTB93060, TB/MTB93080.  Note:  Compatible with Catheter Procedure Carts.
  • Model SS3NC, 10-1/4"h x 14"w x 17-1/8"l (256x355x430mm), fits shelf width:  21" (530mm), Adaptable Tote Boxes:  TB/MTB92035, TB/MTB92060, TB/MTB92080.
  • Model SS4NC, 10-1/4"h x 25-1/8"w x 17-1/8"l (256x630x430mm), fits shelf width 21" (530mm), Adaptable Tote Boxes:  TB/MTB93030*, TB/MTB93060*, TB/MTB93080*.

*Fits SS4NC with box turned sideways.

Catalog nos:  SS2NC, SS3NC, SS4NC

Super Erecta Slide System
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  • Item #: SSNC Series
  • Manufacturer: Metro
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Price $123.08

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