Super Erecta Starter & Add-On Units, 4 Tier/63" Posts - Chrome

Metro's Super Erecta Starter and Add-On Units save time and money by eliminating adjacent posts and replacing with "S" Hooks.  Starter Units consist of four posts and an indicated number of Super Erecta shelves.  Add-On Units consist of two posts, an indicated number of Super Erecta shelves and two "S" Hooks per shelf for attaching shelf to adjacent unit.


Begin each run with a Starter Unit and attach as many Add-On Units as required.  Starter Units include (4) 63" (1590mm) posts (4) shelves creating one freestanding unit.  Add-On Units include (2) 63" (1590mm) posts, (4) shelves and (2) "S" Hooks per shelf for attaching shelf to an adjacent unit.  Starter and Add-On Units are available in 18", 21" and 24" (457, 530 and 610mm) depths and 24", 30",36", 42", 48", 60" and 72" (610, 760, 914, 1060, 1219, 1524 and 1829mm) lengths.  Finish:  Chrome

For product specification sheet 10.90, click here.

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Note:  Photo images are typical and may not represent exact configuration as described above.

The load capacity (evenly distributed) for shelf lengths up to 48" (1219mm) is 800 lbs. (363kg) per shelf and for shelf lengths 60" and longer is 600 lbs. (272kg) per shelf.

Please select from the following:

  • #N316C, 18"x24" (457x610mm), Starter Unit
  • #AN316C, 18"x24" (457x610mm), Add-On Unit
  • #N326C, 18"x30" (457x760mm), Starter Unit
  • #AN326C, 18"x30" (457x760mm), Add-On Unit
  • #N336C, 18"x36" (457x914mm), Starter Unit
  • #AN336C, 18"x36" (457x914mm), Add-On Unit
  • #N346C, 18"x42" (457x1060mm), Starter Unit
  • #AN346C, 18"x42" (457x1060mm), Add-On Unit
  • #N356C, 18"x48" (457x1219mm), Starter Unit
  • #AN356C, 18"x48" (457x1219mm), Add-On Unit
  • #N366C, 18"x60" (457x1524mm), Starter Unit
  • #AN366C, 18"x60" (457x1524mm), Add-On Unit
  • #N376C, 18"x72" (457x1829mm), Starter Unit
  • #AN376C, 18"x72" (457x1829mm), Add-On Unit
  • #N416C, 21"x24" (530x610mm), Starter Unit
  • #AN416C, 21"x24" (530x610mm), Add-On Unit
  • #N426C, 21"x30" (530x760mm), Starter Unit
  • #AN426C, 21"x30" (530x760mm), Add-On Unit
  • #N436C, 21"x36" (530x914mm), Starter Unit
  • #AN436C, 21"x36" (530x914mm), Add-On Unit
  • #N446C, 21"x42" (530x1060mm), Starter Unit
  • #AN446C, 21"x42" (530x1060mm), Add-On Unit
  • #N456C, 21"x48" (530x1219mm), Starter Unit
  • #AN456C, 21"x48" (530x1219mm), Add-On Unit
  • #N466C, 21"x60" (530x1524mm), Starter Unit
  • #AN466C, 21"x60" (530x1524mm), Add-On Unit
  • #N476C, 21"x72" (530x1829mm), Starter Unit
  • #AN476C, 21"x72" (530x1829mm), Add-On Unit
  • #N516C, 24"x24" (610x610mm), Starter Unit
  • #AN516C, 24"x24" (610x610mm), Add-On Unit
  • #N526C, 24"x30" (610x760mm), Starter Unit
  • #AN526C, 24"x30", (610x760mm), Add-On Unit
  • #N536C, 24"x36" (610x914mm), Starter Unit
  • #AN536C, 24"x36" (610x914mm), Add-On Unit
  • #N546C, 24"x42" (610x1060mm), Starter Unit
  • #AN546C, 24"x42" (610x1060mm), Add-On Unit
  • #N556C, 24"x48" (610x1219mm), Starter Unit
  • #AN556C, 24"x48" (610x1219mm), Add-On Unit
  • #N566C, 24"x60" (610x1524mm), Starter Unit
  • #AN566C, 24"x60" (610x1524mm), Add-On Unit
  • #N576C, 24"x72" (610x1829mm), Starter Unit
  • #AN576C, 24"x72" (610x1829mm), Add-On Unit

 Actual Dimensions:  Width:  Add 1/8" (3.2mm) to nominal size.  Length:  Substract 1/8" (3.2mm) from nominal size.

Super Erecta Starter and Add-On Units
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  • Item #: NAN6C Series
  • Manufacturer: Metro
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