Tote Box Covers Snap-On/Opaque Insert Bentron Black (Conduct.)

Metro Tote Box Covers are manufactured from polypropylene base resins and are injection molded for longer life and more uniform thickness.  These Bentron Black (conductive compound) covers are offered in (2) types:  Snap-on and InsertInsert covers are recommended for use on totes to be stored or transported by their lip to minimize interference.  Select tote box series first, followed by cover type and model from the following chart:

Fits Tote Box           Order Snap-On Cover               Order Opaque Insert Cover   

TB91000 Series               CO91000CAS                          CI91000CAS

TB92000 Series               CO92000CAS                           CI92000CAS

TB92050 Series               CO92050CAS                           CI92050CAS

TB93000 Series               CO93000CAS                           CI93000CAS

TB95050 Series                         N/A                                CI95050CAS

For product specification sheet 16.65, click here.

*Note:When boxes with covers are lip loaded, box weight capacity must not exceed 25 lbs. (11.3kg).

**If totes are to be used with Kitting Carts, the insert cover must be used.

Snap-on and Insert type covers.
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  • Item #: C90000CAS Series
  • Manufacturer: Metro
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Price $19.96

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