Tote Box Dividers - LONG - Natural Grey

Metro's Divider Tote Box Line offers long dividers for Tote Boxes. NAT refers to natural polypropylene-base resin products.  They are impact resistant, durable and have a high chemical resistivity.  The standard color for any product ordered with this suffix is gray. 

One order includes (4) pieces.

These dividers fit the length of the tote box.  Choose the corresponding divider for your tote from the following:

For Tote Box                                         Order Long Divider        Maximum Per Tote

TB91035 or MTB91035W                       DL91035NAT                        5

TB91060                                                 DL91060NAT                        5

TB92035 or MTB92035W                       DL92035NAT                        7   

TB92060 or MTB92060W                       DL92060NAT                        7

TB92080                                                 DL92080NAT                        7

TB93030 or MTB93030W                       DL93030NAT                       11

TB93050                                                 DL93050NAT                       11

TB93060 or MTB93060W                       DL93060NAT                       11  

TB93080 or MTB93080W                       DL93080NAT                       11      

For product specification sheet 16.65, click here.                    

Tote Box Dividers, Short and Long
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  • Item #: DL90000NAT Series
  • Manufacturer: Metro
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Price $23.25

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