Tote Box Dividers - SHORT - Bentron Black

Metro's Divider Tote Box Line offers short dividers for Tote Boxes.  CAS refers to Bentron, a conductive polypropylene-base material.  This material contains a carbon additive to provide an electrically conductive path through the material.  Bentron has a surface resistivity of less than 10^5  ohms/sq.  All products with this suffix are black in color. 

One order includes (4) pieces.

These dividers fit the short side of the tote box.  Choose the corresponding divider for your tote from the following:

For Tote Box               Order Short Divider        Maximum Per Tote

TB91035CAS                     DS91035CAS                            7

TB91060CAS                     DS91060CAS                            7

TB92035CAS                     DS92035CAS                          11  

TB92060CAS                     DS92060CAS                          11

TB92080CAS                     DS92080CAS                          11

TB93030CAS                     DS93030CAS                          15

TB93050CAS                     DS93050CAS                          15

TB93060CAS                     DS93060CAS                          15  

TB93080CAS                     DS93080CAS                          15 

TB95050CAS                     DS95050CAS                            5

For Tote Box          Order Long/Short Divider     Maximum Per Tote

TB92050CAS                     DS92050CAS                          11

For product specification sheet 16.65, click here.



Tote Box Dividers, Short and Long
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  • Item #: DS90000CAS Series
  • Manufacturer: Metro
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Price $25.54

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