Transport/Exchange Cart - Standard

MetroMax i Exchange Carts provide a smooth surface that won't snag sterile packs or sealed supplies.  The shelves contain Microban antimicrobial protection that keep the shelves cleaner between cleanings.  Carts within each series (as noted) feature dividers, enclosure panels, MetroMax slides and tote boxes in various combinations, all of which can be removed and reconfigured to adapt to changes in supply, volume and packaging.

This cart is ideal for transport and exhange of supplies or linens from Central Supply or the Laundry to other functional departments.  Transport carts utilize a dolly base to endure the rigors encountered in the daily distribution of products throughout healthcare facilities.

This MetroMax i Standard Cart includes four open grid shelves, one solid bottom shelf, polymer posts, aluminum dolly frame with wraparound bumper, 8" (203mm) high modulus donut casters (two with swivel-locks) and six label holders.

Select from the following (2) sizes:

  • #ECT55CX3, 24"x48"x69"h (610x1219x1752mm)
  • #ECT56CX3, 24"x60"x69"h (610x1524x1752mm)

Extended push/pull handles are available and must be ordered separately.

MetroMax Transport/Exchange Cart - Standard
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  • Item #: ECTCX3
  • Manufacturer: Metro
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Price $1,739.57