Universal 8" Shelf Divider

Metro Universal 8" (203mm) Shelf Divider for wire shelves can be used for Super Erecta wire shelves, Super Adjustable 2™ wire shelves, Super Erecta Pro shelves, MetroMax i and MetroMax Q shelves.  These Dividers can be repositioned along the entire shelf. Each Divider includes a panel and two clips to connect to any open grid or wire shelf.  This divider does not attach to solid shelves. Corrosion proof. Available  to fit 18", 21" and 24" (457, 530, 610mm) deep shelves. Use the 18" divider for the 21" shelf.

For product specification sheet 9.25, click here.

*Can be retrofitted to original MetroMax and MetroMax Q.

Catalog nos. MUD18-8, MUD24-8

Universal 8" Divider
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  • Item #: MUD8-Series
  • Manufacturer: Metro
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Price $22.78

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