qwikSLOT Drop Mat Convenience Pak

Metro's qwikSLOT™ Drop Mat Convenience Paks provide a complete shelving unit for assembly.  An easy alternative to the ordering of separate shelving components.  qwikSLOT™ Drop Mat shelves offer the quality of Super Erecta® and are easily adjusted or removed without disassembly of the unit, making them ideal for, but not limited to, retail applications. Shelves are supported by a unique support system that snaps into the posts, allowing instant shelf adjustment at 1” (25mm) increments.

Any qwikSLOT™ Drop Mat shelf can be slanted for gravity flow or merchandising applications 2" (51mm), back to front, simply by adjusting the rear clips 2" (51mm) higher than the front clips for a given shelf.  For a slanted shelf with a 1" (26mm) tall slope from back to front, the Super Erecta® qwikSLOT™ Drop Mat shelf design allows you to install an 18 inch (457mm) shelf in a 14" (355mm) deep unit, with a 10" (254mm) slope.  [Same for 21" (533mm) shelf in an 18" (457mm) unit: 24" (610mm) in a 21" (533mm) unit].

Units are available in 14", 18", 21" and 24" (355,457,530,610mm) depths and 36" and 48" (914,1219mm) lengths, in your choice of black or white powder coat finishes or polished chrome.  All units are 74" (1590mm) tall.  Each unit includes (4) qwikSLOT™ posts, (2) Super Erecta® shelves with plastic split sleeves and (4) qwikSLOT™ shelves with clips.  No tools required for assembly.

Note:  qwikSLOT™ units require a standard Super Erecta® shelf (included) at the top and bottom of each unit.  Black finish units are shipped with matching posts.  Chrome units are shipped with Brite (zinc) finish posts.

Note:  The load capacity (evenly distributed) for qwikSLOT™ shelves is 300 lbs. (135kg) per shelf.  A typical qwikSLOT unit is rated for 800 lbs. (375kg) capacity per unit.  For higher unit capacities, an intermediate standard Super Erecta shelf must be installed approximately at mid-height on the unit.

  • For Assembly Instructions Sheet LO1-344, click here.
  •  Allow 5-7 working days for shipment.
qwikSLOT Drop Mat Convenience Pak
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  • Item #: EZQ-HDM Series
  • Manufacturer: Metro
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